[COTD] [D-BT08] Abend Robust

Generically good for any Brandt Gate deck that wants multiple orders.

D-BT08/023 RR 2022 アーベント・ローバスト Abend Robust
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Brandt Gate – Battleroid
Persona Ride
Power 13000
AUTO When this unit is placed on (RC), COST [Counter Blast 1], search your deck for up to one Set Order and reveal it, and if your order zone has a card with the same card name as that card, put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck.
AUTO (RC) When this unit attacks, choose two Set Orders with the same card name from your order zone. If you chose two cards, this unit gets Power+10000 until end of that battle.


I'm Boxshot.

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