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A few new original characters and details released!

It has a completely original story set in the overDress world! Characters designed by Ito Akira-sensei are included!

Yu-yu, Danji, Tohya, et al from overDress appear in the game as well!

Character Profiles (via Gematsu):

Yuki Ichidoji (voiced by Yuka Nishio) – A second-year high school student at Omi Academy. She is a strong-willed and honest girl who excels in both academics and athletics. After tailing her brother one day, she stumbles into the world of Vanguard.

Rasen Ichidoji – A third-year middle school student at Omi Academy. Usually quiet, his personality is the polar opposite of his older sister’s. However, he possesses an unwavering heart and is awakening to his potential as a Vanguard player.

Gosetsu Katsushika – Owner of the paper talisman shop Sakura Ogi. His care for others and passion for Vanguard has made his store a hotspot. He once led the largest team in the area.

Kanji Meguro – President of the national retail chain Berserk. With his overwhelming charisma, everyone around him constantly showers him with praise.

Release Date: Winter 2022
Genre: Competitive Card Game
Players: Single Player
Platforms/Consoles: Nintendo Switch & Steam
MSRP: Unknown

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