Cardfight!! Vanguard 2018’s Character Profiles

Most of the cast is the same, but the more tertiary fighters get a makeover.


先導アイチ Sendou, Aichi
Voice Actor: Yonaga, Tsubasa
Clan: Royal Paladin
School: Hitsue Middle School, 3rd Grade

The main character of thee story. He’s rather weak, and tends to be nervous but he has a gentle heart. Although he’s been bullied, he got into Vanguard and meets Kai, Misaki and Kamui, forming team Q4. On the other hand, he has a strange experience, where he hears the voice of the cards… …

櫂トシキ Kai, Toshiki
Voice Actor: Satou, Takuya
Clan: Kagero
School: Hitsue High School, 1st Grade

A big name in the Vanguard Community, he’s rumored to be an “Aloof Fighter” who searches for “True Strength”. Taking advantage of his high school entrance, he’s returned to the city where he lived when he was younger. He runs into Sendou Aichi once more, causing the kind of strength he searches for to change.

戸倉ミサキ Tokura, Misaki
Voice Actor: Kitta, Izumi
Clan: Oracle Think Tank
School: Miyaji High School, 1st Grade

She works at the card shop operated by her relative, Nitta, Shin. Because of her photographic memory, she is extremely knowledgeable, but has never played a game of Vanguard in her life. While she has a kind heart, she has an extremely blunt nature, some students at Miyaji are terrified of her.

葛木カムイ Katsuragi Kamui
Voice Actor: Ishikawa, Shizuka
Clan: Nova Grappler
School: Hitsue Elementary School, 6th Grade

A hot-blooded elementary student with a trademark pointy hairstyle, but actual talent. He used to go to another card shop, but has come to Card Capital for training in Vanguard, as he travels the city to get stronger. He fell in love with Aichi’s little sister Emi on first sight, and from then on has called Aichi, “Aichi-oniisan”


雀ヶ森レン Suzugamori, Ren
Voice Actor: Abe, Atsushi
Clan: Shadow Paladin
School: Fukuhara High School, 1st Grade

The head of “Foo Fighter”, a team who search for serious fights, while trashing shops. He manages Foo Fighter together with Tetsu and Asaka, whom he calls Tecchan and Acchan(*), but he has something of a near indeterminable personality. He possesses the mysterious power “PSY Qualia”, which allows him to hear the voices of the beings that live on the Planet Cray, which allows him to perform fights that surpasses the capabilities of normal humans.

* Tetsy and Asky basically

鳴海アサカ Narumi, Asaka
Voice Actor: Nabatame, Hitome
Clan: Pale Moon
School: Fukuhara High School, 2nd Year

One of the top brass of “Foo Fighter”, a team who search for serious fights, while trashing shops. She adores Suzugamori Ren, swearing unquestioning loyalty to him. She pulls off entrancing fights with the air of a circus entertainer.

新城テツ Shinjyou, Tetsu
Voice Actor: Inada, Tetsu
Clan: Dark Irregulars
School: Fukuhara High School, 3rd Grade

The number 2 member who launched “Foo Fighter” along with its leader, Ren. With a calm deposition and a bold personality, and also keen on doing his research, he is currently studying the mysterious power Ren possesses.

矢作キョウ Yahagi, Kyou
Voice Actor: Watanabe, Akeno
Clan: Murakumo
School: Fukuhara Elementary School, 6th Grade

He has skills that don’t match his age, and belongs to the strongest 4 man team in “Foo Fighter”, “Al4”, but unlike Tetsu and Asaka, he seeks to become the organization’s leader and seeks the mysterious power Ren has for himself.


森川カツミ Morikawa Katsumi
Voice Actor: Sugiyama Noriaki
Clan: Spike Brothers, among others
School: Hitsue Middle School, 3rd Grade

A member of the Hitsue Vanguard Club (Supervised by Mr. Mark), along with Inaei and Akahori. Because the test results of the entire club are pretty much terrible, they worry Mr. Mark. Apparently at Card Capital he carries the title of the strongest player there… …

井崎ユウタ Izaki, Yuuta
Voice Actor: Yamaguchi, Takayuki
Clan: Tachikaze
School: Hitsue Middle School, 3rd Grade

A member of the Hitsue Vanguard club, just like Morikawa. He likes to gather information and is quite knowledgeable.

先導エミ Sendou, Emi
Voice Actor: Enomoto, Atsuko
Clan: ???
School: Miyaji Academy Elementary School, 6th Grade

Sendou Aichi’s dependable little sister. She takes care of her older brother who’s frankly a flake. She notices her brother change, and becomes interested in the game Vanguard which caused it.

三和タイシ Miwa, Taishi
Voice Actor: Morikubo Shoutarou
Clan: Nova Grappler
School: Hitsue High School, 1st Grade

A nice understanding guy who’s Kai Toshiki’s childhood friend. Most think he has a naive personality, but he has a very helpful side to him. Running into Kai once more brings him back to playing Vanguard.

新田シン Nitta, Shin
Voice Actor: Morishima Shuuta
Clan: ???
Owns: Card Capital

The manager of Card Capital and Misaki’s uncle. He’s very well informed about Vanguard, and it seems he may have been a virtuoso level Fighter in the past, perhaps? However, Misaki tends to scold him for his boneheaded behavior.


蒼龍レオン Souryuu Leon
Voice Actor: Kanbara, Daichi
Clan: Aqua Force
Belongs to: ???

An elementary school student who won the Asia Circuit Tournament.

大文字ゴウキ Daimonji Gouki
Voice Avtor: Itou Kentarou
Clan: Granblue
Belongs to: ???

An active Vanguard Fighter based at the Card shop, “Voyage”. He scored 2nd at the Asia Circuit Tournament. He dotes on his little sister, Nagisa.

光定ケンジ Mitsusada Kenji
Voice Actor: Akabane, Kenji
Clan: Dimension Police
Belongs to: ???

An active Vanguard Fighter based at the card shop, “Voyage”. He placed 3rd at the Asia Circuit Tournament.

大文字ナギサ Daimonji Nagisa
Voice Actor: Hirohashi, Ryou
Clan: ???
Belongs to: ???

Gouki’s little sister.


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