[Weekly News Bits Z] The One With Time Walk

Featuring WGP Results, Ace cards of our Protagonist and Antagonist and contents of the coveted Gyze Pack!

Tournament Results for WGP 2017 Japan

Top 16 Clans Breakdown:

4 Aqua Force

3 Kagero

3 Link Joker

1 Genesis

1 Granblue

1 Pale Moon

1 Gear Chronicle

1 Neo Nectar

1 Touken Ranbu

Champion: Touken Ranbu

Runner Up: Kagero

Second Runner Up: Link Joker

Decklist of the Top 3 Players

Tournament Results for WGP 2017 Asia.

Top 10 Clans Breakdown:

3 Kagero

2 Aqua Force

2 Neo Nectar

1 Link Joker

1 Dark Irregulars

1 Touken Ranbu

Champion: Kagero

Second: Touken Ranbu

Third: Dark Irregulars

Fourth: Neo Nectar






Bushiroad Card Fight 2018 happening at these locations and dates in Japan!

Mentioned without a Slide,

Fighter’s Rule Changes:

Swordmy no longer has a Clan Fight ruling restriction on it.

Reference art for Shiranui ‘Zanki’

Key Screenshots from Episode 15 of Z “Sworn Fight”

Decks from Twitter from players to celebrate the release of Star Gate Booster.

Nova Grappler

Dimension Police

Link Joker

Gyze Pack, featuring the namesake Dragon himself and his 6 creations in RRR foiling. Notice the lack of Giant Kanji on their artwork.

Keyart for G-BT14, featuring Kazuma in his new coat.

Dragabyss, Luard – RRR

Grade 4 / G Unit / United Sanctuary / Shadow Paladin / Abyss Dragon

Power 15000+


[ACT]:[1/Turn][Soul Blast (1) & Choose a card from your G-zone with the same name as this unit and turn it face-up & Choose 1 of your rear-guards and retire it] Search your deck for up to 2 Grade 1 units and call them to separate (RC). If the called units have Ritual, choose one of your opponent’s rear-guards and retire it.
[CONT]:[Generation Break(3)] Ritual X: For every 4 Grade 1 in your drop zone, all your units in your front row get power+10000

Chronovisor Heritage – GR

Grade 4 / G Unit / Dark Zone / Gear Chronicle / Chrono Dragon – Zodiac Time Beast


[AUTO]:[Choose four other <<Zodiac Time Beast>> G-units in your G-zone and turn them face-down]When this unit is moved from your (VC) to your G-zone, you may pay the cost. If you do, take an extra turn after this one. Skip your next Ride Phase, At the start of  your next Main Phase, [Stride] this face-up card on (VC)












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