News for Year 2 of the V Era

The big thing is Gift IIs.

The theme of the “Continuing High School” Arc is “Crossroads”.

New encounters, new ordeals, new encounters
And forgotten memories
Everyone’s destiny at the crossroads…

Events and episodes not drawn or shown in the original comic will be the basis for the new anime!!

Vanguard will air at 8:00 AM on TV Tokyo and its affiliates, while it continues to be released as a late night show on YouTube.

It starts in basically The Reiwa era!

Series Ads will be run across locations through Nagoya for the first week of airing.

Cardfight!! Vanguard Road will air on May 4th, 2019 as a variety show to get you up to speed with Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Cardfight!! Vanguard

The current story arc is planned to go on until March 2020

It will include the Continuing High School Arc, and stories that Akira Itou and the production are currently working on and figuring out.

Next Strategy announcement will be during July 2019

The new OP and ED will be by “Raise A Suilen”, from their 3rd Single “Invincible Fighter”

On Sale June 19th, 2019

1. Invincible Fighter
2. Takin’ my Heart
3. Invincible Fighter -instrumental-
4. Takin’ my Heart -instrumental-

It comes with one of 5 special Gift Markers

The Purpose of 2018 was:
Sorting out the identities of each Clan
Adding Imaginary Gifts to the Game
Supporting all 24 Clans

The Purpose of 2019 will be:
Continuing to support Clan Types
Strengthening existing cards
Supporting all 24 Clans

New “Imaginary Gift”s appear!!

  • Force II
  • Accel II
  • Protect II

Method of Acquiring
(1) Acquire when you Ride
(2) When you have not Acquired a Gift Marker, you choose one of the two kinds
(3) When you have a Gift Marker, you can only choose Gift Markers of the same Type

Force II:
Place on (V) or (R)
Original Critical of a Unit becomes 2
Even if you stack that Marker on the same Cirle, it doesn’t add up to 3 or 4.

Accel II:
A new Accel Circle is placed, you draw 1 card and:
During your turn, your Unit gains Power+5000.

Protect II:
Place on (RC)
Unit on that circle gains Power+5000 and Shield+10000
The effect stacks

Bushiroad plans to start pumping out Gift IIs in earnest through May and June in 2019

Via the convention’s First Vanguard Pack

The Heroic Evolution (which will have 2 different Force IIs and 1 Accel II)

My Glorious Justice which will have all 3 Markers

Get Treasure Campaigns will have the new Markers

And for every 500 Yen worth of product you buy starting May 17th, 2019, you get 1 Gift II.

July is again Main Booster:

Royal Paladin
Oracle Think Tank
Gold Paladin

August is Main Booster:

Shadow Paladin
Dark Irregulars
Pale Moon

September is an Extra Booster:

Spike Brothers

The new Start Decks comes with new Critical Triggers

天馬解放 Pegasus Liberation
幻馬再臨 Phantom Horse Second Coming

80 Different Cards

Royal Paladin
Oracle Think Tank
Gold Paladin

84 Different Cards

Shadow Paladin
Dark Irregulars
Pale Moon

Summer Gift Campaign where you can get Metallic Gift Markers

New Vanguard commercial will feature Argonavis’ first single “Goal Line”.

Starting today, “Destiny Calls” will be available on iTunes and other sources and not made a bizarre exclusive.

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