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Cardfight!! Vanguard will+Dress Anime News

The Complete Series for “Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress” is available.

Cardfight!! Vanguard will+Dress (Season 1)

Airs on TV Tokyo and its affiliates starting July 4th at Midnight!

It’s also available on the YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, U-NEXT, dAnime Store, etc.

Cardfight!! Vanguard DELUXE

DELUXE is an acronym for “Dynamic Entertainment for the Leading and Ultimate X-treme Enthusiasts”

Yu-yu and co. enter the “DELUXE” Tournament, hosted by event producer, “Mukae Jinki”, who has chosen 16 of the best players across Japan in a tournament to decide “Who is the strongest”.

Yu-yu uses Nirvana and Trickstar!

Raika uses a Unit called something like “Eusberg”

Urara uses a Unit called something like “Lianon”

Michiru uses an ace called “Drajeweled”!

Megumi continues to use Magnolia Elder!

Zakusa uses the new form of Orfist from the Festival Collection!

will+Dress Season 2 is Winter 2022

will+Dress Season 3 is Summer 2023

The Vanguard City Trial system will be held July 22nd, 2022 to August 7th, 2022.

People can learn how to play Vanguard, and Fight using the latest Trial Decks!

Cardfight!! Vanguard ZERO

The Aichi Birthday Festival is running on June 30th, 2022! (For the Japanese Version)

Product News

The Trial Decks go on sale July 22nd, 2022!

These Trial Decks come with Deluxe Boxes!

Their boxes serve as Deck Holders that explain who the character is, and who their ace is. Also they come with 53 Sleeves to get you started.

The Trial Decks come with Tutorial Cards that for your first few times, you can use casually to play the game and learn how to play, and slowly replace them with cards with actual effects.

Each Deck comes with a pack of 12 cards (7 different cards) that replace your tutorial cards!

Those who buy Vanguard Goods can enter into campaign exclusive events

Also, if you buy products, you can buy a PR Card that’s a card you can place 1 copy of into any Deck, regardless of nation!

鳳竜焔舞 Houryuu Enbu (Fire Dance of the Phoenix Dragon)
On Sale: August 5th, 2022

Contains Cards For:

Dragon Empire
Dark States
Brandt Gate
Keter Sanctuary

Fire Dance of the Phoenix Dragon has three key points:

  • It has cards used in “Cardfight!! Vanguard will+Dress”!
  • It had cards needed to build your Decks!
  • New Parallel Foil Cards: Flame Rare (FR) & Double Flame Rare (FFR)!

Tenrin Houryuu Nirvana Jiva (Chakrabarthi Phoenix Dragon, Nirvana Jiva)
Bousou Houken Garou Vairina (Armed Treasured Sword, Gallow Vairina)

Eusberg, “Skyfall Arms”
Mankai no Daikoushin Lianon (Great March in Full Bloom, Lianon)

Yu-yu has the new mechanic “Xross overDress” for his Gallow Vairina, while Raika’s Eusberg, has the mechanic “RevolDress”

D-BT06 is reprints Over Triggers and introduces new Sentinels with the same abilities as D-BT01 Sentinels and new ability-less basic Triggers, for each of the 5 Greats!

This is designed to give you access to key cards to construct your Deck!

The new Parallel Cards, “Double Flame Rare” and “Flame Rare” are included! The frames are different for different nations!

The 3 Trial Decks are on sale July 22nd, 2022!

Booster Pack 06 is on sale August 5th, 2022!

Booster Pack 07 is on sale September 30th, 2022!

Booster Pack 06 & 07 come with Units that appear in will+Dress Season 1! They also come with cards that power-up the Ride Lines from Booster Packs 01 to 04!

Lyrical Booster 03 is “Lyrical Monasterio ~Natsu no Omide!~” (Lyrical Monasterio ~Summer Vibes!~)

It goes on Sale September 2nd, 2022

The Set has 108 Different Cards + 61 Parallel Foilings

Rarity Breakdown:

15 RRR
16 RR
20 R
57 C

15 FFR
40 FR

The FFR & FR for Lyrical Monasterio!

VG-D-TB06 “Monster Strike” Vol.2 goes on sale October 21st!

The Monster Strike Rare foiling returns, and every card comes with a Parallel foil version!

Newly signatured cards are included!

Video Games

A New Cardfight!! Vanguard Video Game is being made!

It’s “Cardfight!! Vanguard Dear Days”!

Key Points:

  • The first digital title to let you play in the overDress series era has appeared
  • It’ll include over 1000 different cards that can be used in Standard Rule format!
  • It has a completely new original story set in the world of “Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress”!
  • It includes a ton of new characters designed by one of the founders of the franchise: Ito Akira-sensei!

One of the key characters is “Ichidoji Yuki”!

She’s a second year student at Omi Academy High School. With exceptional grades and very capable at sports activities, she’s a brilliant woman with a frank and straightforward personality. Following her brother one day, she finds herself thrown into Vanguard.

Dear Days will be released this Winter, on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Event News

Bushiroad will be doing a Trio Fight Tournament Series based on “DELUXE” (Dynamic Entertainment for the Leading and Ultimate X-treme Enthusiasts) from the “will+Dress” animated series!

16 Teams from across Japan will gather compete in DELUXE!

New Event Product Updates!

The August-September 2022 & October-November PR Packs will contain PR cards that power up “Cray Cross Epic” Ride Lines! Packs will contain 6 New Cards and 3 Reprints!

New Rubber Playmats will be provided as prize support!

July 1st Fighter’s Rule Updates (Japan):


Dark Strain Dragon (Keter Sanctuary) is limited to 1 copy per Deck
Stoicheia Decks can only use either “Sylvan Horned Beast Emperor, Magnolia Elder” or “Blue Artillery Dragon, Inlet Pulse Dragon”, not both

V Standard:

Stealth Beast, Kokushigarasu (Nubatama) cannot be used in your Deck

Premium Standard:

Dragon Knight, Nizari (Kagero) cannot be used in your Deck

Product Schedule:

The Trial Decks are July 22nd, 2022

Booster Pack 06 is August 5th, 2022

Lyrical Booster Pack 03 is September 2nd, 2022

Booster Pack 07 is September 30th, 2022

“Monster Strike Vol. 2” is October 21st, 2022

Special Series 03 is November, 2022

Booster Pack 08 is December, 2022




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