Bushiroad TCG Strategy Presentation Spring 2022

More info on Booster Pack 05 and the new season of the anime!

Fighter’s Rule

April 1st Fighter’s Rule Change


No Changes

Premium Standard:

No Changes

V Standard:

Black Observe, Hamiel (Cannot Be Used)
Prudent Blue, Miep (1 Copy Can Be Used)
Bluish Flame Liberator, Percival (Pick Which Card to 1 Copy Can Be Used)
Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit (Pick Which Card to Usage Restrictions Removed)

Vanguard ZERO

Vanguard ZERO adds “Stride Gate” to April 1st, 2022


overDress ascends to a new stage, and the new season will air on TV Tokyo starting July 2022.

The new season is titled “Cardfight!! Vanguard will+Dress”

The Tournament “Deluxe”, where people aim to be the strongest!
It’s a story centered around Fighters clashing in a tournament!

CLAMP Continues designing characters for will+Dress:

The key characters are:

Kondou Yu-yu
Koshiba Raika
Hazama Michiru
Haneyama Urara

Deluxe is a tournament featuring 16 fighters chosen from across Japan!

Point 1: Deluxe, the Tournament to be the Strongest

Deluxe will be reproduced as a real event!

Point 2: New Trial Decks will be released to feature the new characters!

The Card Game

Booster Pack 05: Triumphant Return of the BRave Heroes is themed on “Encounter” and “Cray Cross Epic”

Cross Cray Epic’s cards are themed on Ride Lines for the Five Greats, and powerful Units who transcend their ties to their home nations!

Rorowa and co.’s story is Cross Cray Epic that can be read on the official Vanguard Site!

The reveal of the Five Greats’ new ride lines!

Dark States’ Ride Line is centered on Kheios and Mikani.

Kheios is the two-faced yet charismatic ruler. They touch the hearts of the people with their immense charisma is their public face… But the truth is they have a hidden side.

Mikani is a loyal vassal who never expresses emotions. They used to protect Brandt Gate, but they currently loyal to Kheios. What caused them to work for Kheios is unknown.

Dragon Empire’s Ride Line focuses on Tamayura and the twins Ririmi and Rarami!

Tamayura is the daughter of a certain corporate conglomerate. The conglomerate is located on a certain island nation in the far east, and Tamayura is the member of a house of Yokai that lead the Hyakki Yakou. Though she’s a Kitsune with the blood of the ancient Nine-Tailed Fox, she’s extremely frail and can’t walk out in the sun. How is Tamayura connected to the story of Cross Epic…?

Ririmi and Rarami view Tamayura as everything to them. They’re prototypes of the Direful Dolls that perform at the circus. When they would of been disposed, Tamayura rescued them to serve as her playmates. The two then became completely devoted to their beloved older sister. They seek the Fire Regalis to cure their beloved Tamayura of her frail health.

Tamayura will be revealed on at 9 PM today!

Encounter Units include:

  • Dragonic Overlord The End
  • Majesty Lord Blaster
  • Phantom Blaster Overlord
  • Burning Horn Dragon
  • Blaster Blade
  • Skull Witch, Nemain

The 10th SPs feature the Encounter Aces with their Fighters on them!

Product Schedule:

April 1st:
10th Anniversary Gift Box
Booster Pack 05: Triumphant Return of the Brave Heroes

April 22nd:
Shaman King Volume 2
Record of Ragnarok

May 13th:
P Clan Collection 2022
Special Series 92: Festival Collection 2022

June 17th:
V Clan Collection Vol. 5
V Clan Collection Vol. 6

July 22nd:
3 Trial Decks based on will+Dress!

August 5th:
Booster Pack 6

Image Color Sleeves for Mirei, Shinobu and Haruka can be traded for 2 Points

1 Point: Storage Box (Yellow & Purple)
1 Point: Deck Holder (Yellow & Purple)
2 Points: Encounter Sleeves

Shop Fight Standard gets a new pack you can earn.

There’s going to be Free Fight Tournaments for the first 3 days of April to get goods based on Booster Pack 05’s release!

World Grand Prix Schedule

Info on Tournaments & Side Events for the Big Vanguard Festival

April 29th:
10th Anniversary Vanguard WGP Events for Standard, Premium, and V Standard!
National Cup & Title Cup for Stanard

April 30th:
Trio Fight in the Big Vanguard Festival 2022 for Standard
Blackout VS Daybreak for Standard
P Collection Release Celebration “Clan Ace King Showdown!”

There’ll be guests, goods and food!

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