Bushiroad TCG Strategy Presentation 2021

Record of Ragnarok mostly.

“Record of Ragnarok” Title Trial Deck & Title Booster will be released simultaneously worldwide on April 22nd, 2022!

No Change to Fighter’s Rule for now.

2nd Anniversary for Vanguard ZERO!

324 Presents max!

Cray Cross Epic Continues!

Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress airs at Midnight JST on partner TV stations, and is available on Japanese streaming services!

It’s a battle in in the castle between Team Blackout and Team Daybreak!

Episode 21 was Haruka vs Megumi

Episode 22 was Yu-yu vs Shinobu

Episode 23: Aurora Vicious Princess/Good and Evil
Episode 24: Bastion vs Bruce/Awakening
Episode 25: overDress/Showdown

Booster Pack 4: Awakening of Chakrabarthi goes on sale December 25th, 2021

Cards that further boost Haruka and Shinobu’s Decks are included in Booster Pack 4

Mirei’s powerful Trickmoon is in Booster Pack 4!

Magnolia Elder, the first Grade 4 of the overDress era arrives!

Yu-yu’s new Nirvana arrives, that synergizes his two strategies together!

The main cast’s Five Ride Lines get new forms!

Diabolos, “{Absolute Victory}” Bruce
Summit-Surpassing Sword, Bastion Prime
Aurora Vicious Princess, Seraph Purelight

There’s super glossy and signed versions of the new aces!

“SHAMAN KING” Vol.2 goes on sale the same day as Record of Ragnarok: April 22nd, 2022!

Booster Pack 5 goes on Sale April 1st, 2022

The New Year Vanguard Weekly News Bits overDress will be aired January 4th, 2022!

Big news about the Big Vanguard Festival! 10th Anniversary Celeberation! Booster Pack 5! Lyrical Monasterio 2! Info!

The next TCG Strategy Presentation will be March 8th, 2022!

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