[COTD] [D-BT07] Blitz Secretary, Perphe & Blitz Mechanic, Iskra

Filling out Welstra’s company with his own secretary and another mechanic.

D-BT07/008 RRR 2022 ブリッツセクレタリー ペルフェ Blitz Secretary, Perphe
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / Brandt Gate – Elf
Power 10000
Shield 5000
AUTO When this unit is placed on (RC), COST [Counter Blast 1 & Put a grade 2 or greater Set Order from your drop on the bottom of your deck], and draw a card.

D-BT07/023 RR 2022 ブリッツメカニック イスクラ Blitz Mechanic, Iskra
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Brandt Gate – Warbeast
Power 8000
Shield 5000
ACT (RC) If you did not operate a Product this turn, COST [Counter Blast 1 & Rest this unit], choose a Product card in your Order Zone, and operate it. (Activate its Operate ability)


I'm Boxshot.

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