[COTD] Wingal Youth

Finally, a Legend Deck Card!

G-LD03/010 ういんがる・ゆーす Wingal Youth
“いつだって、キミの勇気に応えてみせる!(No matter what, I’ll respond to your courage!)”
Grade 1 / United Sanctuary – Royal Paladin – High Beast
Power 7000
Shield 5000
AUTO (RC): During a battle in which this Unit attacked or boosted, if that attack hits the Vanguard, look at the top 7 cards of your Deck, reveal up to 1 “Blaster Blade” card among them, add it to your hand, then shuffle the Deck. If you add the card to your hand, add this card to your Soul.

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Also, the “Today’s Card” update for March 21st, 2017 will be delayed until Noon. Please understand.

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

For Today’s Card, we’re introducing from the Legend Deck “The Blaster “Aichi Sendou””, a Grade 1 Blaster Support Unit: “Wingal Youth”.

“Wingal Youth” is a Support Unit that adds a “Blaster Blade” card to your hand. When its attack or an attack it boosts hits a Vanguard, you can look at the top 7 cards of your Deck for a “Blaster Blade” card, and if you add a card to your hand, Wingal places itself into the Soul. If you see no “Blaster Blade” among those 7, this card isn’t placed into the Soul. And since it requires neither Generation Break nor Counter Blast, you can use it early on. And since the “Blaster Blade” card in question is added to your hand regardless of Grade, you can add the Grade 2 “Blaster Blade” or the Grade 3 “Blaster Blade Exceed”, so let’s stabalize your Ride by adding a missing Grade to your hand.

And in order to make sure you hit, use it to Boost your own Vanguard!

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