Assorted News

From a Nico Nico Douga presentation held today.


DAIGO, the rock star, is now to be a “Buddyfight Official Fighter”, i.e. he’ll be promoting Buddyfight as well as Vanguard. He’ll be in a new commerical for that series starting the 3rd of December.


Okada Kazuchika, a wrestler attached to New Japan Pro Wrestling (a subsidiary of Bushiroad), will now also be an “Official Image Character” for Vanguard. More or less the same thing as Daigo. Up until now, Okada’s been doing commercials and advertisements for Bushiroad with regards to Future Card Buddyfight. (As well as shown up in an episode of that show earlier this year)


The first commerical featuring Okada Kazuchika also includes movie actress Milla Jovovich¬†(notable films she’s been in are The Fifth Element, Zoolander, and the Resident Evil movie franchise).


Starting January 8th, Vanguard G NEXT will have a new Ending theme called “Are you ready to FIGHT”, sung by the artist and actress Raychell. (Of trivia, Raychell played Sophie Home in “Biohazard The Stage”, a musical based off of the Resident Evil Franchise, and sung the theme song “Until the Justice” from¬†Resident Evil Zero.)

Perhaps a sign of some sort of crossover with Resident Evil in the future? It could just be coincidence though.

The new marketing featuring Jovovich and Okada:

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