[V-EB09] Sample Deck Recipes

Gift Switching, Equip Gauge Manipulation and Aggro Mill, we have it all.

力!力!!力!!! Power! Power!! Power!!!

A <<Spike Brothers>> Deck that fights by passing Imaginary Gift Force between Units.

Fight using the Skill o “Deadheat Bullspike” to obtain victory!

4 Deadheat Bullspike
2 Bad End Dragger
4 Juggernaut Maximum

4 Powerback Renaldo
3 Derange Thaddeus
4 Spike Bouncer

4 Snapper Devil
4 Offensive Punter
4 Gyro Slinger

1 Mecha Trainer (First Vanguard)
3 Kill Parade Mavis (Critical Trigger)
3 Silence Joker (Critical Trigger)
2 Cheerful Lynx (Draw Trigger)
4 Cheer Girl, Marilyn (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Cheer Girl, Tiara (Heal Trigger)

武装窮まる轟剣の怒号 Roar of the Armed Thundering Sword

A Tachikaze Deck that fights by strengthening their rear-guards with Equip Gauges.

Use the Skill of “Thundering Sword Dragon, Angerblader” to Stand your enhanced Rear-guardsa, allowing you to attak multiple times.

4 Thunder Sword Dragon, Angerblader
4 Savage King

4 Clearout Dragon, Sweeperacrocanto
4 Turbo Smilodon
4 Deflagration Dragon, Bombraptor
1 Ravenous Dragon, Megarex

4 Light Blade Dragon, Thundilopho
4 Furious Signal Dragon, Roarbaryo
4 Sonic Noa

1 Dragon Egg (First Vanguard)
4 Small Horn Dragon, Babytops (Critical Trigger)
4 Cannon Fire Dragon, Sledge Ankylo (Draw Trigger)
4 Archbird (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Savage Shaman (Heal Trigger)

蝕む大悪党の凶弾 The Rotten Supervillain’s Deadly Bullet

A <<Megacolony>> Deck that powers itself up using the opponent’s Deck.

Centered around the skill of “True Demonic Rifle Rogue, Gunningcoleo”, you gorge upon your opponent’s Deck while attacking with your supercharged Units!

4 True Demonic Rifle Rogue, Gunningcoleo
4 Unrivaled Blade Rogue, Cyclomatooth
3 Death Warden Ant Lion

4 Spear-attack Mutant, Megalaralancer
2 Hiding Killerleaf
4 Machining Mantis

4 Brawny Jerk
2 Flowery Tiara
4 Machining Hornet
2 Small Captain, Butterfly Officer

1 Machining Worker Ant (First Vanguard)
3 Shelter Beetle (Critical Trigger)
3 Jewel Flasher (Critical Trigger)
2 Larva Mutant, Larvadraf (Draw Trigger)
4 Paralyze Madonna (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Medical Battler, Ranpli (Heal Trigger)

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