[Monthly Bushiroad] So We Heard You Like Doggos

And Puppers.

Grade 0 / Heal Trigger / United Sanctuary – Royal Paladin – High Beast
Power 4000
Shield 10000
(You can only have up to 4 Heal Triggers in your Deck)
AUTO: [Choose 1 Grade 1 or lower card from your hand, discard it] When this card is discarded from your hand for the Cost of Calling “Divine Beast, Divine Maskgal” from your hand, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, draw 1 card.

Divine Beast, Divine Maskgal
Grade 4 / G Guardian / United Sanctuary – Royal Paladin – Royal Beast
Shield 15000
[G Guardian]
AUTO Generation Break 1: [Choose 1 face-down G Guardian from your G Zone, flip it face-up] When this card is placed on (GC), if you have a Rear-guard in your Front Row, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, during that battle, this Unit gains Shield+10000.

“Harisen Worker” and “Brilliant Cool Dragon” will be promos in next month’s issue of Monthly Bushiroad.

Next Month’s issue of Monthly Bushiroad includes a kit for a Shadow Box (3D-esque) of “Knight of Silence, Gallatin”.

“Cray Chronicle Note”, the compilation of the Cray story lore, will come with a promo card, and is split between a first and second volume, each roughly 340 pages.

The Cardfight!! Vanguard manga’s High School arc has finished.

Episode 27 is “Aichi vs Chrono”, named after the titular two heroes.

Episode 28 is “Ibuki’s Test”, in which Chrono and Ibuki fight again, with Chrono proving he’s ready to deal with the incoming crisis from the Diffriders.

Episode 29 is “Diffrider”, an episode that introduces Tatsunagi Norm/Gnome, a new character related in name to Tatsunagi Takuto. This new character holds a position similar to the original Tatsunagi: Observing both Earth and Cray’s destinies, and claims to be Takuto’s elder brother.

Diffrider is read over “One possessed by another from a parallel reality”.

Episode 30 is “The Shine Seen That Day”, in which Verno and Taiyou face off in the U20’s second stage. The second stage will be a Royale like the first stage, apparently.

Episode 31 is “Frail Creatures”, in which Tokoha faces off against Miguel’s replacement: Saori, another of the Diffriders, and centers on the aftermath of Miguel’s death.

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