[Anime] Vanguard G NEXT Character Profiles

Concerning the circumstances of past characters, and the introduction of their new team mates. Also, a certain character’s voice actor has changed.

chara01新導クロノ Shindou Chrono
Voice Actor: 石井マーク Ishii Mark

A 1st year student enrolled at Harumi High School. A member of TryThree, he was the key person who resolved the Stride Gate incident. However, he’s currently in a funk, working part-time at Card Capital 2, he’s spending his time everyday fighting challengers as a Generation Master.

Used Clan: Gear Chronicle

chara02綺場シオン Kiba Shion
Voice Actor: 榎木淳弥 Enoki Junya

A 1st year Student enrolled at Fukuhara High School. A member of TryThree, he is the heir apparent of the Kiba Zaibatsu. Though he’s a high school student, he’s called the young noble of the financial world. He’s also a master of fencing, and entered Fukuhara High to achieve his zenith.

Used Clan: Royal Paladin

chara03安城トコハ Anjo Tokoha
Voice Actor: 相羽あいな Aiba Aina

A First Year High School Student studying in Paris. A member of TryThree, she’s currently under the care of the Paris branch of the Vanguard Association, she continues to stick to Vanguard while fully enjoying her life abroad.

Used Clan: Neo Nectar

(Yes, Tokoha’s voice actress has been replaced.)

chara04東海林カズマ Shouji Kazuma
Voice Actor: バトリ勝悟 Batori Shogo

A first year student enrolled at Harumi High School. He possesses a rare kind of style and imagination, but he’s also a rather lazy and unspirited nihilist.

Used Clan: Shadow Paladin

chara05明日川タイヨウ Asukawa Taiyou
Voice Actor: 桑島法子 Kuwashima Houko

A first year student currently enrolled at Miyaji Junior High. He’s a friend of Chrono who’s dealt with all sorts of problems alongside him and the rest of TryThree. Despite being a Junior High School Student, he’s capable of fighting in an incredible intelligent and stable manner.

Used Clan: Gold Paladin

chara06早尾アンリ Hayao Anri/Hayao Henry
Voice Actor: 西健亮 Nishi Kensuke

A Second Year Student at Fukuhara High. He is deeply emotional about the Fukuhara High Vanguard Club. He’s timid, which doesn’t match his tall figure, but he’s got a strong heart deep down.

Used Clan: Narukami

chara07羽島リン Hashima Rin
Voice Actor: 近藤唯 Kondou Yui

A third year student enrolled at Fukuhara High School. She’s a Vanguard Queen who used to be an arch enemy to TryThree’s Tokoha. It seems she has complicated feelings regarding Tokoha’s older brother, Anjo Mamoru.

Used Clan: Angel Feather

chara08江西サトル Enishi Satoru
Voice Actor: 長谷川芳明 Hasegawa Yoshiaki

The former Dark Zone Branch Leader. He opposed Chrono and his friends in the past as a member of The Company, something that still hangs over him. Now he lives his own way, facing others in Vanguard, looking for something to devote himself to.

Used Clan: Dark Irregulars

chara09岡崎クミ Okazaki Kumi
Voice Actor: 佐々木未来 Sasaki Mikoi

Just like Chrono, she’s a first year High School student enrolled at Harumi High School. She;s supported the members of TryThree from the beginning as their friends. She enjoys her High School life, but she’s concerned about Shion and Tokoha.

Used Clan: Oracle Think Tank

chara10鬼丸カズミ Onimaru Kazumi
Voice Actor: 松風雅也 Matsukaze Masaya

A mysterious Fighter who appears before Chrono. While fighting him, Chrono senses a suspicious air from the man, which causes Chrono’s ‘stopped time’ to start moving again.

Used Clan: Nubatama


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