[Anime] U20 Teams

Thanks to Decchan for translating this.

Main Character Teams

First, we’ll introduce the teams you know and love!
Just which team will be the one to grasp the glory of victory?!


Together as comrades! Surpassing their current selves!
If it’s the three of us, if it’s us Striders, we can do it!

Shouji Kazuma
Clan Used: Shadow Paladin

Shindou Chrono
Clan Used: Gear Chronicle

Asukawa Taiyou
Clan Used: Gold Paladin

Let victory and glory both come into grasp!
Fukuhara High Vanguard Club
We’ll win, without a doubt. And from there, obtain everything!

Hayao Anri
Clan Used: Narukami

Kiba Shion
Clan Used: Royal Paladin

Hashima Rin
Clan Used: Angel Feather

The feelings they’ve taken on will now come to bloom!
Jaime Flowers
Watch over us. We’ll be sure to take hold of our future.

Enishi Satoru
Clan Used: Dark Irregulars

Anjou Tokoha
Clan Used: Neo Nectar

Okazaki Kumi
Clan Used: Oracle Think Tank(edited)
Rival Teams
It’s not just Chrono and friends aiming for the top!!!
We’ve managed to get info on the “powerful rivals” that await them at the Under 20 Championship itself!!!


The peerless champions who rule over the apex!
Team Diffrider/Defrider(?)
Why don’t you give us a look? Show us this “power” of yours!

Verno Fahrenhart(?)
Clan Used: ???

Onimaru Kazumi
Clan Used: Nubatama

Fuchidaka Saori
Clan Used: ???

The supernovas inheriting the will of “Japan”!
Team Shin Nippon (New Japan)
We share a collective destiny! We’re shooting to be best in the universe!

Asada Makoto
Clan Used: ???

Nishizawa Arata
Clan Used: ???

Hoshizaki Noa
Clan Used: ???

A super collaboration with a lovely smile‚ô™
Rummy Labyrinth with Saya
Let’s do what we can right now!

Yumizuki Luna
Clan Used: Pale Moon

Yatomi Saya
Clan Used: Bermuda Triangle

Chouno Am
Clan Used: Granblue


The legendary man among men and the two goddesses storm into battle!
Team Hell & Heaven
This team! It’s both heaven and hell!

Daimonji Nagisa
Clan Used: Nova Grappler

Katsuragi Kamui
Clan Used: Nova Grappler

Sendou Emi
Clan Used: Bermuda Triangle


And lastly…

A certain someone finally makes his debut here, too!
Under 20 Tournament Executive Committee

Ibuki Kouji
Position: Committee Chariman

Anjou Mamoru
Position: Committee Vice-Chairman

Please enjoy the Cardfight Vanguard G NEXT anime this year as well!

From Vangarou and all the anime staff.


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