[Anime] Episode 16 to 20 Summaries

I should be more prompt on this stuff.

Episode 16 “Each Other’s Feelings”

Misaki and Asaka clash, but in the middle of their fight, Ren arrives at Card Capital. Meanwhile, Kamui and Aichi run into Kyou, who suggests they go on a Foo Fighter’s Hunt

Episode 17 “The Pitch-Black Knight!! Blaster Dark”

Aichi asks Kyou about “PSY Qualia”, the power to hear the voice of the cards. Ren, who has this power, fights against Misaki

Also Togi Makabe from New Japanese Pro Wrestling shows up in a cameo because Bushiroad owns both his promotion and Vanguard.

Episode 18 “Kai, Ren and Aichi”

Kai, having learned Ren came to Card Capital, reflects on his past as a member of Foo Fighter with Ren and Tetsu, and meeting Aichi once more.

Episode 19 “Tetsu’s Speculation”

Aichi and co, who are on the hunt for Foo Fighter, find Tetsu appear before them. Tetsu, who seeks to understand PSYQualia, presses Aichi for a fight to learn more about the mysterious power.

Episode 20 “PSY Kai”

Kai and Miwa storm Foo Fighters’ headquarters, and crush the members of the organization that stand in their way. Meanwhile, Aichi, exhausted from his fight with Tetsu, runs into Suzugamori Ren.

Also, Foo Fighter Song.

Credit goes to Revise Leviathan for these particular scans.

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