Reprints in The Raging Tactics

Triggers and First Vanguard from The Destructive Roar get reprinted.

・ Dragon Egg (First Vanguard)
・ Cannon Fire Dragon, Sledge Ankylo (Draw Trigger)
・ Savage Shaman (Heal Trigger)
・ Mecha Trainer (First Vanguard)
・ Silence Joker (Critical Trigger)
・ Cheerful Lynx (Draw Trigger)
・ Cheer Girl, Tiara (Heal Trigger)
・ Machining Worker Ant (First Vanguard)
・ Shelter Beetle (Critical Trigger)
・ Larva Mutant, Larvadraf (Draw Trigger)
・ Medical Battler, Ranpli (Heal Trigger)


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