[Combo] Gun Salute’s Infinite Salute – The Closing Act with No End

So you’ve decided you want to be Asaka Narumi and perform an endless Eject from the Stage. (Keep in mind this combo isn’t meant to be very practical, it’s meant to be more amusing and a conversation piece/thought experiment than anything.)

Cards required for this combo:

1 Miracle Pop, Eva
1 Gun Salute Dragon, End of Stage
1 Rain Elemental, Tear
1 Tightrope Tumbler
2 Brassie Bunny or Miss Direction
1 Silver Thorn Clown, Selune


“Miracle Pop, Eva” as your Vanguard
“Gun Salute Dragon, End of Stage” in your hand
“Rain Elemental, Tear”, “Tightrope Tumbler”, 2 “Brassie Bunny”, and “Silver Thorn Clown, Selune” (placed behind the vanguard) in play
2 Face-up Damage
2 Face-up Cray Elemental G Units in the G Zone
Limit Break (i.e. 4 cards in your Damage Zone)

Preparatory Steps:

1- Break Ride Gun Salute Dragon over Eva gaining the +10000 Power and Eva’s skill until end of turn
2- Attack with all your Rear-guards first (Tumbler, Tear, and Bunnies)
3- Attack with Gun Salute Dragon (Gun Salute Dragon’s and Eva’s on attack skills enter queue)
4- Use Salute to Soul Blast your entire Soul (thus meeting the requirements for the Restand)

NOTE: You do NOT use Eva here

5- End of vanguard’s battle (Salute’s and Selune’s 1st skill enter queue)
6- Activate Salute first by paying Counter Blast 2 and sending all your rear-guards except Selune into the soul and restand Salute
7- Activate Selune by sending her into the soul for her cost then call her back out behind Salute with the same skill (since a card was called from soul, the two Brassie Bunny enter queue)
8- Call both Bunnies


9- Attack with End of Stage again (End of Stage and Eva on attack skills enter queue)
10- NOW you use Eva to send the Bunnies back into the soul and call the Tear and Tumbler you have in soul (both of their effects enter queue at this time)
(Brassie Bunnies enter queue once more)
11- Activate Tumbler and Soul Charge 2 cards
12- Activate Tear and Counter Charge 2 cards
13- Activate Bunnies and Call them both out
14- At the end of battle, End of Stage and Selune activate again
15- Counter Blast 2 cards to send the Bunnies, Tear, and Tumbler into soul and restand End of Stage
16- Activate Selune send her into soul and call her back out with Salute
17- Bunnies come back out

Repeat the above steps ad nausea until you either Deck Out or your opponent can no longer guard.

Note: The same thing works using Miss Direction instead of Brassie Bunny

Source: Air_K_ND from Twitter. Thanks to Fiammata for finding it.

Thanks to Siulzen for assembling the information into an ordered manner.

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