A Quick Editorial Note

The annoying case of reality meets your news.

As a note, we’re very limited on staff with Cardfight Coalition, and last year we had to fire a critical key staff member for extremely problematic behavior.

If you’re wondering why some articles take days, it’s because we are literally understaffed as a result of that staff member no longer being around, and, I, NeoArkadia, am obviously getting older and more worn down, and can’t do quite as much as I used to do, and Vanguard just keeps pumping out more use.

If you would like to see content/spoilers more consistently or lists of the cards in these Decks on site, especially for 24 Clan monster updates like this, we’re going to need people to volunteer as staff members.

Otherwise the site is just slowly going to grind to a halt.

If you’d like to volunteer, I suggest you contact me on the YGOrganization Discord OR at my Twitter account on Twitter, but I will only open DMs on Twitter to people who contact me via a Tweet first.

I would heavily appreciate the help.

I plan to keep going as long as I am able, but, we are critically understaffed.

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