A Chronological Table of Cray and Term Glossary

What’s up with Cray since Chronojet Dragon punched Gyze so hard he got deleted across the entire time-space continuum.

2100s (The New Holy Age)

■ The deity “Gyze” is obliterated and disappears. The “Zeroth Dragons” return to being Cray Elementals and become one with “Cray” once more.
■ The divinity “Messiah” returns to the source of all divinity, “Cray’s Idea”, having completed its mission.
■ The divinity “Messiah” foresees the future to come, and leaves its will with “Messiah’s Secret Texts” on the “Wandering Planet, Brandt”.

2500s~3500s (The Godless Age)

■ The enemy that opposes Cray’s ‘Power of Destiny’, the unstoppable “Void”, suddenly attacks Cray once more out of nowhere.
■ The source of all divinity, the “Cray’s Idea”, a divinity without will, ceased functioning, in order to escape the threat of Void.
■ Without the Power of Destiny, having been lost due to being pushed to its limits, even the pages of the “Akashic Book” turned blank, bringing forth the era that would be known as the “Godless Age”, an “Age of Unanswered Prayers”, where prayers have no meaning.

■ The clans of the “Dimension Police”, “Nova Grapplers”, and “Link Joker”, heeding the warnings from “Messiah’s Epitaph”, come to an agreement on what they must do.
■ Reforming their nation, and renaming it to “Brandt Gate”, and decide to become the force to resist and oppose Void, even though they now lack any sort of blessing in this “Godless Age”.

■ Due to the disappearance of all the Gods, the “Keter Engine”, that helped “United Sanctuary” prosper since it was founded, ceased to function.
■ At the end of the countless disasters, both natural and man-made, such as War, Famine, Plague and Death, along with civil war and internal strife, the royal family that serves as the symbol of the nation, the House of (Burton/Barton), that gave birth to the hero “Alfred”, eventually fell.
■ With “United Sanctuary” turning into a failed state, the justice, order and medical knowledge the country stood for collapsed and disappeared, causing the chaos to spread further across the planet in a chain reaction.
■ With no common enemy in the form of “Gyze”, and the symbol of harmony and peace, “Messiah”, gone, the inhabitants of the planet Cray fell into a long dark age of unending war with one another.

■ After 300 years, “United Sanctuary” completely collapses as a nation due to its unending internal strife and civil war, and loses most of their territory, the land turning barren, with no divine blessings left to protect them.
■ The survivors of these unending crisis build a new nation in the sky, on a floating island they dub “Ketergia”, using the “Keter Engine” as a power source, although it still can’t be used to see the future.
■ Those living on “Ketergia”, dubbing themselves “The People of the Skies”, declare they are the chosen ones of the very sky itself, and found a new nation, “Keter Sanctuary”, that cuts off all diplomacy and contact with other nations.

■ The loss of divine blessing also causes food supply and production to plummet. Meaning even the clan “Neo Nectar” can no longer supply enough food to match the world’s needs.
■ The prestigious academy of “Great Nature” continues to decline, as the historic nation of “Zoo” splinters into various smaller self-sustaining nation states.
■ But even as the academy’s influence wanes, there are those who commit their lives to the pursuit of knowledge, and one of them, the sage “Stoicheia”, comes upon the truth of the “Age of Unanswered Prayers”.
■ “Stoicheia” develops the “Wise Cube”, a sentient artifact that observes and studies the fragmentary remains of the divine blessings across “Cray”.
■ Following the death of the sage “Stoicheia”, those who followed his teachings unite under the “Wise Cube”, and form the nation “Stoicheia”, named in his honor.
■ The vast majority of the clans from the old nations of “Zoo” and “Magallanica” join under their banner, united by a common cause, leading to the birth of a vast nation.

■ Due to the decline of magic, the various clans of Dark Zone splinter into various smaller nations and states, as a result of the loss of their power.
■ Among them, the clan that lost the most was “Gear Chronicle”, having lost their power travel through time, space and parallel dimensions in this Godless Age.
■ The Zodiac Time Beasts enter a deep slumber, entrusting their power to a single hero, who detects the faintest spark of the future, a spark of hope that all others have given up on.
■ Discovering this spark of hope lies deep within Dragon Empire, the hero founds the federation of “Dark States”, allying themselves with those inside Dragon Empire who seek to protect the spark of the future.

■ “Dragon Empire”, the oldest nation on Cray, and home to the oldest race of all: Dragons. There alone, the priestesses continue to pray, as they have since time immemorial.
■ Endlessly praying. It is said that once their prayers are answered, the slumbering egg will finally hatch. And with it, a new future of prosperity will be born.

4500s (Godless Age)
■ Total spatio-temperal isolation. The past cannot be seen, the future can no longer be predicted, and the power to Stride across to other worlds, other dimensions or other times has been lost.

5000s (The Chakrabharti Divine Era)
■ The priestesses’ prayers finally reach “Earth”. And as a result, the deity known as the “Chakravarti Divine Dragon” hatches.

Original Story: Akira Ito (AKR)
Composition: Nakamura Satoshi (Yuhodo)
Summary: Kaneko Ryouma (Vanguard Original Ideas Supervisor)
Planning: Mori Keita (Vanguard General Producer)


“The Planet Cray”

An Earth-like planet that exists one of the many infinite parallel universes in the multi-verse.
This planet, Cray, is the place Vanguard Fighters see in their imagination.
The natural environment of Cray is home to many types of flora and fauna, and is very similar, but on this world, Dragons, Fairies, Gods and Demons similar to the ones forgotten on the planet Earth exist, along with the fact that magic is treated like science, a practical force that can be researched and used.


The creator deity known as Messiah.
A deity of Cray that governs “Harmony”.
It creates new laws of reality on the Planet Cray, which once was a world where only science existed.
It is a paired existence with Gyze, so when Gyze was annihilated, Messiah’s role in this world ended, and rejoined the greater divinity known as “Cray’s Idea (i.e. Idea)”.


The god of destruction, Gyze.
It was a deity of Cray that governed “Destruction”, and was an entity that gathered and amassed “Void”.
It was a pair with Messiah, with Gyze and his apostles changing names over the course of history, but ultimately, they were the core of the threat that continuously threatened the harmony of the planet Cray.
Gyze had been the source of many wars and conflicts, and had been sealed and revived more times than can be counted, but was finally annihilated during the War of the Zeroth Dragons.


That which existed before history itself.
It is a ‘void’ that always tries to swallow “World” that come into existence, trying to return them to nothing.
(To be more precise, the world is chosen from the countless possible iterations of that world that originally existed in the void.)
The void attempts to break the world apart, tearing it asunder, twist and violate its fundamental laws, and ultimately destroy it.
The act of returning everything to the void doesn’t happen just once, it keeps happening until the world is destroyed in its entirety.
“Void” has threatened the harmony of Cray and Earth in various forms up to now, whether it be via the deity “Gyze”, the clan “Aqua Force”, or even the “seed of the void” known as “Link Joker”.

“Power of Destiny”

The power that connects Earth and the planet Cray.
The Power of Destiny affects both Fighters and Units, such that the result of fights on Earth affects things on Cray, such as international relations, political influence, merit being recognized, and even which way wars end.
On the other hand, the prayers of the Unit can alter the cause and effect of events on Earth, and as a result this “Power of Destiny” affects both the planet Cray and Earth.

“Cray’s Idea”

Also known as “Idea”, this deity came into existence when the planet Cray was born.
This great entity is the source of beings like Messiah and Gyze, and is the source of non-material entities whose forms have changed shape through the countless eras.
Among those beings born from Idea that ultimately return to it, there is a deity, the “Primordial Genesis Dragon”, who has shaped the current form of the creatures that live on the planet Cray.

“Akashic Book”

A book of which there is said to be only one copy of in the entire universe.
The total sum of history that has happened, up to the “Present” is contained within its pages.
※ If history is distorted for some reason or the past is rewritten, pages that can’t be turned to and read will appear ※
The book itself also has the power to transcend time and space (and can move others through time and space), but it’s said that with the start of the Chakrabharti Divine Era, the book no longer functions.


Thanks to K and Kinny for helping with the Chronological Table.

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