[G-FC04] Poster revealed

It shows the images for 8 clans.

Who doesn’t love these poster reveals?

The clans seem to be:

Left side:
Royal Paladin
Oracle Think Tank
Dimension Police

Right side:
Neo Nectar
Aqua Force
Gear Chronicle

It also seems to be sorted G Unit/G Guardian/Heal.
Note that the Heal Triggers will have abilities this time around.

[Editor’s note:
More doggo for Royal Paladin.
The Kagero unit kinda looks like Blazing Flare Dragon. #OG420BlazeIt
Amaterasu makes a return as G Unit and Lozenge Magus a return as both a Heal and G Guardian.
Stealth Fiend, Zashikihime (Nubatama) makes a return as well.
And of course Uluru, the Gear Chronicle Heal Trigger, makes a return, now being featured on 4 cards.]

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